Neonious Token (MDSIM)

The token which powers the Neonious molecular dynamics simulation network.


Neonious Token




Ethereum (ERC-20)

Smart contract address:


Sale started:

May 25, 2021 (Pre-ICO)

Already sold:

604,078 MDSIM

Current cost per MDSIM:

0.12 USD (+20.0 % since start)
discounted pre-ICO price

Planned trading milestones:

01/09/2021 We start the full ICO, preferably with a major exchange.

01/11/2021 We setup an adequate liquidity pool on Uniswap, allowing first trading.

Early 2022 We plan to have reached an agreement for the Neonious Token to be listed on a major exchange.

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Is the smart contract audited?

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Token Distribution & Economics

We plan on selling tokens till October 31, 2021, when the mining phase is planned to start. The sale (Pre-ICO, ICO and Uniswap liquidity) is capped at 100,000,000 tokens.

The price per token starts at 0.10 USD and will, as a minimum, increase by 0.01 USD after every 250,000 ordered tokens, making it worthwhile to buy early. With start of the full ICO we will increase the price further.

Additional 25,000,000 tokens (20 %) are reserved for marketing efforts towards the token sale, scientific advisors and salary components for the Neonious employees.

After being activated for this by Neonious via a one time switch in the smart contract, planned on November 1, 2021, additional tokens can be mined by running molecular dynamic simulations with the Neonious MD simulation software. The amount of tokens minable will be limited. The exact amount and release schedule will be calibrated depending on the success in the token sale and recorded in the mining contract.

Neonious Token Order Form

With this order form you can initiate a order of MDSIM, which you can directly pay via Ether or USD Coin transfer to then get your MDSIM tokens transferred to the Ethereum wallet of your choice.

If you do not have an Ethereum address, we recommend installing the free and secure app MyEtherWallet on to your smart phone which will generate one for you within minutes. MyEtherWallet also allows you to buy Ether, which you can use to pay this order. See "How do I buy MDSIM exactly" above if you plan to invest more than you can pay with credit card.

Total cost per MDSIM:

0.12 USD payable within 5 days
If you pay later, the tokens will be sold at the then current price of MDSIM and you might receive less MDSIM then calculated here.

Order count:


Address of Ethereum wallet to transfer MDSIMs to:

As written above, MyEtherWallet is a good choice, which also allows you to buy the Ether to pay this order.

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