Earn money by
running simulations!

We have our first paid simulations scheduled!

Run our simulation software standalone or next to your mining software to get your share of simulations to run and get paid in tradable MDSIMs! Paid simulations start August 2021!


We are currently in the beta test phase: There will be no paid simulatins before August 2021, however the software may already be set up and used to confirm that your system is ready for the simulations. To achieve this, the software supports starting test simulations.

You can now download the software here: Neonious-Node-Setup-0.9.0.exe

System Requirements: Windows 7 or better, CUDA v11.2 [download here], modern Nvidia GPU, 10 GB of free disk space, 8 GB of RAM

You need an invitation code to set up the software!
In the beta test phase, you can request an invitation code which is also valid for the time after the beta test here:

Planned Milestones

10/07/2021 Beta test of Neonious simulation software starts, software will then be available for download (Windows, macOS and Linux) and on GitHub (source code).

01/08/2021 MDSIM becomes freely tradable on the decentralized exchange Uniswap (we will post the required liquidity). The Neonious website will feature a trading interface for Uniswap.

10/08/2021 First paid simulations start.

About Neonious software

Earnings are calibrated to 15 USD worth of MDSIM tokens per 24 hours of running simulations on GeForce RTX 3080 (other GPUs' yields depend on GPU speed), 2.5x of what can be earned with Ethereum mining.

Add paid simulations to your existing mining setup: Neonious simulation software can turn cryptocurrency mining off before starting simulations, and back on when done (scriptable).

MDSIMs are earned per simulation step (typically take less than one minute). Earned MDSIMs are credited once per day.

Neonious simulation software runs on Windows. macOS and Linux versions will be published at a future date.

About our first paid simulations

We are already talking to drug development companies and research groups about our simulation service. Now we have the first paid simulations scheduled!

The sponsor of the first paid simulations has enough simulations in his pipeline and has committed to run a good portion of these on our network.

A success should allow us to have larger contracts in the future.