Help us with our research!

We are sourcing highly paid molecular dynamics simulations from our sister company Ambrego, a drug research company.

Neonious Node combines cryptocurrency mining with highly paid computational research, allowing you to earn more than just with cryptocurrency mining. Earnings are paid in MDSIM, an Ethereum (ERC-20) token which is freely tradable on the Polygon network (a layer 2 network to Ethereum).


(1) Install a wallet which supports Polygon

We recommend the browser extension MetaMask as it is secure and can connect to browser applications such as our Quickswap trading page.

(2) Install our Neonious Node software (see link below) and run it

You will need to give the software the Polygon address of your wallet as the address where you will want your earnings paid to.

(3) Request a pay out of your MDSIM tokens from in the Neonious Node software to your wallet

We will transfer without subtracing fees, and we will add 0.01 MATIC to pay for the swapping and transfering to cryptocurrency exchanges if you transfer to Polygon. You can optionally also transfer to the Ethereum network.

(3) After earning, hold on to your MDSIM

We invest the same amount of on Quickswap in our MDSIM pool as we pay out in MDSIM, to make sure you can swap your MDSIM to other cryptocurrency at any time. If people hold on their MDSIM, this can result into the value of MDSIM to go up.

(4) Swap MDSIM for MATIC, ETH or USDC and trade one of those for fiat currency like dollars or Euros on a cryptocurrency exchange.

You can use our Quickswap trading page to swap to other cryptocurrency supported by your exchange. Then transfer with your wallet to the exchange and trade it there to the fiat currency of your choice.

Tip: Binance supports deposit of MATIC directly from Polygon.


Newest version: Neonious-Node-Setup-1.2.1.exe

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 or better
  • NVIDIA or AMD GPU(s) with at least 8 GB of RAM
  • If used in CUDA mode, then CUDA v11.2 needs to be installed [download here]

Neonious Node is Open Source:


On - (UTC), according to our simulations, an average system with i7-10700K and GeForce RTX 3090 would have earned:

If deposited, then earned

Terms & Conditions

Required for pay out:
1,000 MDSIM
Pay out waiting period:
72 hours
Slashing penality
(see below)

Next to simple cryptocurrency mining, Neonious Node can run highly paid computational science tasks, allowing the users of Neonious Node to earn more than just by doing cryptocurrency mining. For good reasons, either some MDSIM already have to be earned or you have to deposit MDSIMs to get these higher paid tasks.

First, when the network is not fully utilized and there are multiple nodes to give the computational science tasks to, the system will more often than not prefer the nodes with the wallets with the most MDSIM, as an incentive to hold MDSIM.

Second, a minimum amount of MDSIM must be in the wallet, in any case, to be able to receive computational science tasks at all:

To keep the system fair and not allow users to earn with fake results, all computations, both cryptocurrency mining and computational science computations have to be verified by other parties. However, unlike mining results, computational science computations cannot be quickly verified. To verify that the results are valid, parts of the computations have to done twice. If there is no penality for the users in case they hand in fake results, the network would quickly be overloaded.

Thus, everyone who is taking part in the computational science tasks needs to have a minimum amount of MDSIM in their wallet. The results are then randomly verified. Whoever is caught faking results, gets penalized by taking away MDSIM from their deposit. This concept is also used by other cryptocurrencies, where it is called Slashing.

You should never be slashed if you use the official client and do not modify its operations. We know of no occurrence where this happened.

You can also directly invest by trading MDSIM!