We are building the largest network of computers running molecular dynamics simulations, rivaling expensive supercomputers built for medical research.

In moments without simulation orders to fulfill, we are using the resources to achieve breakthroughs in dementia and Alzheimer research, potentially helping 2 % of the first world's population.

Scaling in silico
Cost efficient alternative
to supercomputers
Providing interesting
crypto investment
Auditing existing
dementia medication

Your action will be highly appreciated
and potentially rewarded with a great ROI and maybe even a longer life!

Our research is powered by the Neonious Token (MDSIM).

Investors buy, hold and trade MDSIM, giving it a monetary value.

External research groups pay for molecular dynamic simulations with MDSIM.

Miners run the the molecular dynamic simulations and are rewarded with MDSIM.

Medical breakthroughs will be attributed to the Neonious network, pushing the price of MDSIM.

Neonious uses idle time for important dementia research, potentially helping to achieve major breakthroughs.

Neonious Biotech Highlights

Neonious GmbH was founded three years ago in 2018.

A future listing of MDSIM in major exchanges is likely, as it is an ERC-20 standard token.

The MD simulation software is based on GROMACS, a highly versatile industry standard suite for MD simulations.

The molecular dynamics simulation results are verified by other computers in the Neonious Network.

Neonious Biotech will actively drive dementia research with MD simulations (see below).

How Neonious Biotech Will Invest the Raised Funds

Start of active research: 01/01/2022

Besides giving Neonious Tokens (MDSIM) a monetary value and providing miners an incentive to run molecular dynamics simulations, you will enable Neonious Biotech to do the following by investing in Neonious Tokens:

To clearer identify the reasons why some of existing drugs targeting dementia work and some do not with specific groups of people (Memantine, as an example, is only effective in one out of ten people), we plan to do research mostly based on MD simulations with potential ligands to the active ingredients of the drugs.

To potentially find ways to reduce the side effects of existing drugs targeting dementia, we plan to do research, including MD simulations with active ingredients of other drugs, ligands, and receptors with which the active ingredients of the dementia drugs are known to interact with.

We plan to identify slightly varied molecules and proteins to the active ingredients and the ligands of the existing dementia drugs though multiple methods including analysing genomic data and run many MD simulations with these to potentially find more effective drugs.

We plan to improve the MD simulation software to allow distributed MD simulations. This will allow the Neonious Network to not only do a massive amount of smaller MD simulations, but also a smaller amount of large scale MD simulations.

The Neonious Token Sale is Live!

Take part in the unique investment opportunity to help the project gain speed
and potentially improve the lives of many people suffering from dementia.